Wednesday, August 12, 2009


This Made My Night

Oh man... I don't know why I've never heard of this website before, but I just found out about it tonight from a friend. I originally wasn't going to write anything for this date, but this was so necessary...

It's so genuis! This is just basically a site where one goes on, and makes hate comments on things related to sports. The site has divided such comments into little sections such as "hated teams," "hated players," hated owners - anything you could hate on in sports, it's here!

As sports fans, as I'm sure most of us are here, the one thing we enjoy almost as much as seeing our teams winning, is seeing the arch rival fall. Some fans maybe more intense with this than others, but I will share with you, I go pretty hard about this one. As a Red Sox fan, seeing the Yankees lose can make my night so much better. The Redskins or Eagles losing a game can almost entirely make up for the Cowboys losing a game. Most lovely of all, as a Capitals fan, I wish upon years and years of losing to the Penguins and Flyers. It just does me a favor in life to see my most hated teams lose.

So as you can see, I can appreciate such a forum where fans can vent about a certain team or player they may not like. I mean, half the time it is warranted (the other half is when my teams or players are involved - hahaha!)

In these sections on, you see the top 5 hated things in each section. For instance, the top 5 hated teams are as follows: The Dallas Cowboys, The Los Angeles Lakers, The New York Yankees, The New York Giants, and the Pittsburgh Steelers... not too much of a surprise here.

My favorite thing that I checked out though was the hater section for Serena Williams... apparently she's quite hated on, which I wasn't really aware of (well, except for when she visits France). But these comments... these comments.... they blew my mind! Let's check a few out...

"Knock Out" posts that Serena ought to "let some pretty girls win!"

An anonymous poster calls Ms. Williams, "LINEBACKERRRRR!!!!"

Someone named BK ALL DAY though killed it by saying, "I tear that booty up, just keep the face down!"

So, basically, you can say almost anything, although, I feel that the posts were somewhat censored, such as the use of the word "AZZ" to describe Serena William's posterior... so I would warn anyone who plans on going to the site to bash a player or team to keep it a little clean at least, and to refrain from any real hate comments.

It was interesting to see this site,, and I figure, I'll visit this site a little bit from now on, just to see how people hate on other teams and people and just anything lol. It's good for just venting your biggest frustration about a particular team or player you just can't stand or you refuse to root for. And even though my teams show up (Dallas Cowboys, Boston Red Sox, and even Alex Ovechkin was a hated player), it brings solace to my life knowing that other people's players, teams, fans, owners, coaches, and everything else about them is being hated on and berated.

Congrats Vlad...

Just want to make a special shout out to Vladimir Guerrero the other night for hitting his 400th home run. Pretty much a big deal, seeing as he didn't have to be a prick to do it (A-Rod, Manny... just saying...). We all sit back in awe of Albert Pujols and what he can do - and granted he is definitely one of the best hitters of our time. But Vlad rarely gets mentioned in the casual discussion of greatest hitters and early ballot Hall of Famers.

I happened to have the television on to the Scott Van Pelt Show (what a funny man by the way). He made a comparison between Guerrero and Joe Dimaggio. In regards to statistics like doubles, home runs, hits, and batting average, at the same amount of games in their careers, Guerrero is either neck-and-neck or ahead of Dimaggio.

So if Vlad gets mentioned nowhere else, here's his shout out - on my blog.

New Poll!

Hey! I know you all hate at least one of those teams. So I suggest taking the new poll and letting us know who you hate THE MOST out of the group. Also feel free to go on the comments portion below and tell us openly who you hate the most - team or player - and why. You're also more than welcome to comment on the blog post as well...



  1. There's no way I can limit myself to just one team/person...

    First off, the Yankees as a whole. Any team that openly goes against the rules (salary cap) because they have so much money that they can afford to hire these big name people and pay the penalty for going over cap sucks. Not to mention the fact that half the team is juiced up. Specifically on the Yankees though is A-Roid. While I think it's stupid that people used steroids back in '03, they weren't illegal back then so you can't really say anything. However, when its somebody like A-Rod, who I'm sure a ton of little kids look up to, who goes on national tv and says that he didn't use steroids, only to find out a week later that actually, yeah, he did, that just makes him bottom of the barrel garbage to me. Lets not forget about Clemens, perhaps the dumbest person ever to play baseball. I mean, there is all this proof that he did it, but he insists that he didn't, which is just adding to his troubles because now not only is he wasting money on lawyers in these civil cases, not that money is an issue to him, he is also going to get himself thrown in jail for purgery. How stupid do you have to be? He should have just said nothing and slipped into obscurity when he had the choice.

    Sidney Crosby, enough said, the guy is the biggest pansy to ever play the sport of hockey. That guy who just got arrested for beating up the cab driver over 20 cents, I can't remmeber his name, is a pretty big pansy too especially considering he has never taken his gloves off on the rink.

    Steve Spurier, or however you spell his name, should have stayed with the Gators instead of moving up to the NFL only to make a joke of himself and go back to college football. Joe Gibbs should have stayed retired instead of ruining his legacy trying to come back to a Redskins team that was/is half the team it was when he originally coached.

  2. The hockey player is Patrick Kane lol... posted about a couple posts below...

    I completely agree about the Yankees. Along with those players you mentioned, they have had a long history of players with steriods, and they have participated in their World Series championship years. And I just find it hilarious when Yankee fans try to get at Red Sox fans for having 2 players that were recently ousted for steriod/enhancers. There is everything to hate about the Yankees - I mean they use the Royals as their farm team basically. They are very easy to hate.

    As for Crosby, he's such a baby in a sport where you cannot be a p****, and you just can't respect that, especially when you have someone that goes hard like Ovechkin and isn't as cocky to *erhem* not give a handshake... kind of like another athlete we know. Sore loozers lol.

    The Redskins coaches... other than Norv Turner I feel like they have failed on the whole bringing the team to respectable status. Joe Gibbs annoyed me cause the Redskins fans were calling Super Bowl - which didn't happen. Like your team still sucks. LOL!

  3. Loving the Crosby comments!

    Besides that all I can say is agree agree agree


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