Thursday, August 13, 2009

Mike Vick Returns


So how would you feel if in one offseason, you were traded a couple times? Well how about if you were traded 3 times... or even 4? Quentin Richardson sure knows how that feels, as he was bounced around the NBA from the Knicks to the Grizzlies, Grizzlies to the Clippers, Clippers to the T-Wolves, and now the T-Wolves to the Heat. That'd be a pretty big ego killer for me, but not as much as if I was traded for supplies like they do in minor league baseball... trade to the Thunder next for some D Wades maybe (the shoes of course) ?????

Tom Brady started today. That's it.

Redskins lost in a shutout to the Ravens. Hehehe - just sayin'...

Jake Peavy made his first rehab start today with the Triple-A Charlotte Knights, as he prepares to become a part of the Chicago White Sox's pitching staff.

And this is amazing... Think, about this: what if we made Allen Iverson's "Practice" rant a song, mixed in with Jim Mora's "Playoffs" blow up, and a few other media outbursts by coaches and players (T.O. included)? This was the crack up for the day...This is great stuff.... And a lot of skill by the creator. Props to them.

Vick's Return

So Michael Vick has returned to the NFL, and will be on the Philadelphia Eagles roster, signed on for 2 years. I'm glad that, finally, the speculation is over, and we can get down to straight facts and football.

I'm really happy for one thing, because Vick has paid a lot for being involved in a dog fighting scandal. It baffles me that people seem to have much more outcry over a man that had to spend 2 years away from football/his career/his young family, went to jail for 18 months, and recieved HEAVY public judgement (still is getting it and it will continue) than players who have been guilty for domestic violence, and other crimes - against HUMANS. It seems as though we hold more weight on crimes against animals than HUMAN crimes. I wish people got that mad at those accused of domestic violence. And trust, I hate dog fighting and all that nonsense - A LOT. It disgusts me, especially since I have a little baby of my own (American Eskimo). But like I said, humans deserve some type of defense as well.

If you want still Vick out the NFL, then I don't undertsand what's wrong with you. But enough with bashing the backlash. It's overrated anyway... On the Eagles, Vick should be another QB option for a team with an established organization and a stable situation going into the season. He can get back to a career and hopefully returning to a more normal life.

Shout out to...

Arturs Irbe!!!!! Welcome to DC as the Caps' new goaltending coach! Definitely a good look for the Capitals with the young goaltending and the elimination of language barriers, as Irbe can speak Russian to Simeon Varlamov... although the Caps will miss the 12-yr service of Dave Prior, who present during Olie Kolzig's Vezina Trophy winning years. Nonetheless, I look foward to winning a Stanley Cup with Irbe on the staff.... :D

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