Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A Little Something for Everyone

Bienvenido Pedro...

Yeah, no clever headline title (too much thinking lol)... 37 year old Pedro Martinez returned to Major League Baseball action with the Philadelphia Phillies (and still with the permed look)against the Chicago Cubs. His return proved to be solid as he pitched through 5 innings, striking out 5 batters and giving up 3 runs in a 12-5 win for Philadelphia.

Pedro began the game working with a 2-0 lead and dealing with only 4 batters in the 1st inning. He seemed like he had very good ball control, and got through innings quickly and efficiently. The Phillies offense definitely backed him up as well, giving Martinez suffcient run support just about every inning early on. Pedro had a 12-1 lead by the 4th inning! How can you NOT work with that?... Oh, if you're the Red Sox bullpen........

All jokes aside, it's good to see Martinez come back from such a long time away from baseball at his age, and to see him play almost at the level he used to play as a former pitcher in Boston. Of course, Martinez still has work to do if he is to be an integral part in the Phillies playoff run, such as getting his curveball and slider together. This definitely a good start though. Nonetheless, note to Phillies fans: don't wet your pants assuming you're going to repeat again this year...

*I had to. I had to cheap shot Philly people - cut me some slack lol

The Most Random Losing Streak Ever...

The United States soccer team went on their awaited journey to Mexico to play their futbol team. Everybody tried to make this big deal out of the fact that U.S. has lacked wins in Mexico, and then used that to justify why they wouldn't win this time either.

I don't know why, but it just doesn't make sense to me why someone can't win a game solely because they just haven't won in a long time. I mean, the U.S. would have to win at some point, right? And I usually go with my feeling that the U.S. would win... so it had to be this year, right????


Now that is partially because of the mad theatrics courtesy of the Mexican futbol team, and partially because of missed opportunities... I hear all kinds of excuses like the altitude, and the stadium, and crowd - like as if other places don't have bad atmospheres (*cough* Philadelphia *cough* - had to do it again). But it still baffles me, hours later, that their luck just seems to fail them in Mexico. Not that Mexico is a bad team at all - they're really good, but the American team has a slight edge, especially in momentum. All of this is why I picked them to win today.

Just losing 23 out of 24 games (one 0-0 tie) doesn't add up, but oh well. Kind of reminds me of how all DC area teams just can't win int he playoffs, just because they can't win in the playoffs - like the Capitals last season, having an even better team than the '98 team that made it to the finals, but struggled heavily in the playoffs and barely even made it to the second round, where they lost. For what reasons, I don't know what happens to them, but it definitely is along the same lines of this USA losing streak in Mexico. The U.S. will hopefully move on from this and continue the positive play to reamin one of the top three teams for 2010 World Cup qualifying.

The Godfather

Just really quickly, in light of the Rick Pitino news, this just further proves that this man is in a mafia. He has to be. Like how can get you someone pregnant, who was trying to get after your money, pay for your abortion (ignoring what he said), and then tell us about 6 yrs later when there's nothing you can do about it and it almost seems pointless!!!!! I can imagine all the underground details that haven't come out, and probably won't come out about all the mafia going-ons and having to go along with the plan until he's ready to say something... and all of that good mob stuff. Al Pacino is only an actor, acting out the life Pitino has lived HA!

Losers of the Day

To close up shop tonight, congrats to the Brewers by the way today for either relieving people of their duties or putting them in the minor leagues. Having lost 23 out their last 35 games, the Brewers were definitely due for a shake-up: designating Bill Hall for assignment, putting J.J. Hardy in Triple A baseball, and firing the pitching coach, Bill Castro. Pretty big moves, and for the sake of the Brewers fans out there, hope that changes things.

And to the Boston Red Sox... for not being able to make a move on John Smoltz, basically trying to put a Hall of Famer for minor league duties. I would also call out Kevin Youkilis. I feel as a Red Sox fan, I have the right to tell him to shut up and I think that's all I need to say about the issue, since he messed up by going participating in that little brawl last night. HE started it, but certainly couldn't finish it... and pulled the pansy move by inaccurately throwing his helmet in the direction of the pitcher... real smart...

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