Sunday, August 09, 2009

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When It Actually Matters...

Let's begin with a question: Why is Steve Phillips on the Sunday Night Baseball broadcast? Just asking. I mean, you went my whole life basically with Joe Morgan and Jon Miller, and then you just add Steve Phillips... just wondering...

All righty, well, anyway... So the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox completed their four-game series in the Bronx tonight on that Sunday Night Baseball broadcast. Although Jason Bay finally returned tonight to the lineup, it's a tad bit noteworthy note that David Ortiz wasn't in it. According to Jon Miller's words, he just "isn't hitting" and apparently the sitting wasn't because of the whole steriod fiasco, despite his press conference taking place yesterday claiming he DIDN'T take steriods (no comment lol). Although, if he just "isn't hitting," in that case, everyone should have just sat out.

After a mad long time with no score, the Yankees got the first run of the game on an A-Rod solo in the 7th. The 8th inning however was a HUGE uplift for the Red Sox as recent addition, Victor Martinez, hit a two-run homer to put Boston ahead 2-1, giving them the first lead since the first game. Jon Lester also pitched an exceptional game giving up zero runs through 7 innings.

Things seemed positive for the Sox for them to turn things around. However, The Red Sox's bullpen woes continued in the bottom of the 8th when Johnny Damon soloed one to tie, followed by Mark Teixeira's solo to give the Yankees the lead. The game automatically went the Yankees way, reminiscent of last night's game, scoring a total of 4 runs that one inning to lead 5-2.

After a last effort by the Sox to score, putting in David Ortiz, ending up with 2 runners on the bases.... Jacoby Ellsbury grounded out to first, and the Sox lost 5-2.

Therefore, the Red Sox have fallen to 6 games behind the Yankees, and have dug themselves in a little hole (not insurmountable - it is still early August). Nonetheless, this isn't fun to watch; a team that played so well to begin the season, and had the Yankees 8-0 in all head-to-head matchups, starting to falter as they are swept by their division and arch rivals toward the latter part of the season.

I've Missed You So...

Oh NFL... I've missed you so much. I had to watch the Buffalo Bills play the Tennesee Titans in those You know, I wonder how many people are actually concerned about the match-up between the Buffalo Bills and the Tennesee Titans. I doubt that folks are watching this, anticipating this game to suggest the next big rivalry in the NFL. However, I know that me, my buddies, the people next door, and I'm sure even you, were watching this and any preseason game because... WE LOVE FOOTBALL!!!!! and everything that goes with it - beer, wings, excess food, bier, BBQs, friends, tv's, excuses to go to bars on Mondays... cuervo...

Personally, I definitely, DEFINITELY am also happy to see Tony Romo Jessica-Simpson-less and ready to focus on performing at a level to push the Cowboys over that playoff winless streak. It only makes sense, as I feel as though Romo's leash is just about only a collar at this point (at least with me). So if we make no further moves beyond what we have for the past 13 years, somebody's paying for it, and we'll see that it wasn't all T.O.'s fault (>_>)...

I look foward to the entire football season itself as well. Personally, I AM excited to see T.O. on the Bills and to see if they can stop losing Super Bowls one of these days (sentimental favorite maybe?). I don't know about you, but I WANT to see who's really overrated and who's really underrated. Me, I DESIRE to see passes, running plays, blocking, catches, dusty-looking coaches on the sidelines, touchdowns, field goals, dreads, and tackling - grandiose, bone-crushing tackles where you see the mouth piece fly out and you can hear all the air escaping the victims lungs.

The point is, NFL, we have ALL have missed you, and we look foward to the joys (and yes, the pains) that you shall bring forth this season.

Cheap Shots

In my favorite sport, Patrick Kane, a young and talented winger on the Chicago Blackhawks of the NHL... charged with robbery... It doesn't make sense to me when athletes get charged with robbery, considering all the money they make. I mean, for real?!!? You're gonna go hard on a old cab-driver cause he didn't give you the exact change back, but you don't go that hard on the ice? I mean trust, I love his skills on the ice, but come on! Really!?! Oh well... I wish a lot of good things for that franchise, especially after the rise from the dead this past season. But it hasn't been the best offseason with Marian Hossa and the contract issues, goalie situations, and now Patrick Kane acting a fool.


And that's all folks for tonight... Don't forget to participate in the poll to the left of your page on the surging Nationals (We're gonna call it surging as they haven't played this well in like, ever). They have confidence, they have swag now, they might have a permanent general manager finally, and things seem to just be coming together... Could it be, that they might win the World Series one day in the near future? Or will it be a VERY long time before that happens? Vote now!


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  1. Yankess have never lost a division when they were ahead by 6 games in August... also this loss put boston in 2nd for wild card.

    I do like the analysis of the game though!