Sunday, August 09, 2009

Post Number 1!

Hello again everyone! This is the first post on my blog here. I'm pretty excited to start blogging periodically about recent sports teams, events, and news, and giving my opinions and observations on them. I'm even more excited to have listeners - well, readers of my opinions. Hopefully, this will be fun and enjoyable for us all...

I guess I'd like to start off by sharing an observation made by a good friend of mine... I have a fetish for teams with stretches of time without winning anything. In my top three, we have the Washington Capitals, the Boston Red Sox, and the Dallas Cowboys counted as teams that like to wait a good minute before winning something.
First off, there are the Washington Capitals, who have never won - ever. 35 years without a championship. Before last season, the Caps didn't make it past the first round of the playoffs for 11 years, which I endured the entire time. It doesn't make it any better though thinking of how they lost last season in the second round and then again, that we have 35 years of nothingness.
The Red Sox, before 2004 of course, were World Series-less for 86 years (and right now aren't playing so hot right now so gee, a losing stretch to a much lesser degree). However, the point was, I did have to wait about 14 years of my life to see them win something... many people much longer than that.
Finally, I understand, the Cowboys have been a successful team in the past. Many great players, and 5 Super Bowls... 13 years since a playoff WIN. In 13 years, not ONE freakin' win, much less a Super Bowl. I should be fine, most say, considering the Cowboys are always on national television, always talked about, and we have had such success before - I was alive watching a couple of those Super Bowls, although quite young. But that's the point - it's been freakin over 10 years!

Not that I'm a woe-is-me type of person (I'm no Cubs fan after all - no hate lol), but it was pretty funny to note such a trend among my favorite teams. Of course though, I sure do hope to see these trends end soon, in my lifetime. I have no doubt the Cow(boy)s will win soon enough, and the Red Sox have won, so we all have to wait for my favorite of them all, the Capitals to get SOMETHING lol. 13 years of being a fan, it's been rough... but that's another topic for the day.

Like I said, this post is just really filler space, so I can see what it looks like if I put something on this (haha). But it was also a little introduction into my thought process regarding sports. Give me a little time, I'll get more interesting - I promise, I'll get used to this blogging thing, lol. But hey, feel free to comment, I wanna read those too!



  1. Haha my sports life is very similiar, the Brewers no playoffs for 26 years, the Packers are very successful too but they went 29 years without a championship and in the 70s and 80s i think make one playoff apperance, then the Bucks idk i never pay attention to, and the Avs well they are pretty good.

    Nice jab at the Cub fans though lol

  2. Dude as a life long Arsenal fan,I know exactly what you are talking about. This stuff looks like something I could see in the papers. I love it, keep doing your thing buddy.

    Much Love.

  3. Well I cannot offer any pity, I mean don't watch hockey so your Capitals can win, but being a fan of Big Blue (The New York Giants) nothing would make me happier then if the Cowboys faded into obscurity, and showed no signs of live ever again...okay i'm lying 1 thing would make me happier. That is if the Red Sox, received a ceist to exist from God. I mean THEY chose as a city in 1918 that theater is more important than baseball, and thus should be punished. lol If you can't tell I'm especially giddy about them being 3 maybe 4 back from the great Pinstripes( NY Yankees).

    good work sands, but I am still disappointed in your choice of teams :'(