Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Red Sox have clinched the AL Wild Card!

So I have been mad all weekend because my Twitter and Facebook were spammed with mass statuses regarding the Yankees and this past weekend in their series against the Boston Red Sox. The Yankees spent their time clinching the AL East Division, a playoff berth and obtaining their 100th win for this season. You would think they won the World Series already with the ruckus about their weekend.

At the same time, I had figured that the Red Sox would also make the playoffs - it would only be a little matter of time before it happened, and I could celebrate, too.

The Red Sox got lucky tonight, clinching the AL Wild Card spot with the Texas Rangers' 5-2 loss to the LA Angels despite losing their own game to the Toronto Blue Jays 8-7. The loss today counted as Boston's 5th straight.

This situation now sets the Red Sox in a playoff series with the LA Angels, again. In 6 years, the two teams have met 4 times, and this meeting would mark the 3rd consecutive year the Angels and Red Sox square off. Seeing that Boston has dominated the playoff series between the two teams, this looks like an easy write-off for the Sox.


Right now, the Red Sox are struggling mightily, especially for the calibur of their team. With the 5 straight losses, and 5 more games left this year, one can hope that the Sox get everything together. In 9 games against the Angels this year Boston has also ended up 4-5.

However, Boston hasn't always been particularly telling in the regular season of how well they play teams in the playoffs though. Also in favor of the Sox, key players like Josh Beckett, who have been out with injuries lately, will be returning soon.

So while this series will NOT be an easy sweep in my eyes, I have pretty good faith that the Red Sox can create a positive result by the end. Alas, note that I'm neither confirming nor denying a particular playoff result. I will say though that 2004 occurred on a Wild Card year. I'm just saying...

Ojo del Twins???

On a more exciting note, I am closely following the Detroit Tigers and Minnesota Twins series, which should define who is going to play the Yankees in the first round of the playoffs.

I'm pulling for the Twins, because I'm a Joe Mauer fan, and I'll face it; the Twins have put in so much work to get this division, especially without Justin Morneau in the lineup, that it would really suck for them not to make it.

My main issue though is that I won't be mad at whoever wins the division, because that team just better beat the Yankees, and we'll all be in good standing!

NFL Week 3 Personal Highlights

Before I finish (it's late here on the East side of the States!), I would like to give a high and mighty shout out to the Dallas Cowboys for winning our first game in the new house. I thank Carolina Panthers' QB Jake Delhomme for the late interception and the total revival of the Dallas defense in the 4th quarter.

However, I'm not a fan of the play calling at the 1-yard line in that drive where Dallas only got a field goal; TWO passes at the 1-yard line? Really?!?! Really could have avoided the field goal situation - because you also could have gone for it on that 4th down! But what do I know - I'm not an NFL coach.

But Wade Phillips made up for it by calling for the 2-point conversion on the extra point oppoortunity after the interception-for-the-touchdown, calling a nice run play. Thanks buddy.

And one more shout out to the Detroit Lions. This one is for you. I haven't been able to blog for a few days due to time constraints, but I'm putting this one out here for the Lions. Your 19-game losing streak has been snapped.

They must thank the Washington Redskins for failing to have any sort of offense in the game. Their defense didn't even do the usually decent job either in this game. So Detriot can rest in peace knowing that they have won, while the Redskins must live with the loss. I'm sure they've "put it in the past" by now (cliche statement - you know they're still mad).

*Finally, please put my cousin in your prayers and your thoughts. He was shot on Monday. He is alive and in the hospital, but the family wants a full recovery. Thank you.


  1. Where's the Hockey coverage....the season starts for some tomorrow and some of us need to know can the New York Islanders matter to anyone outside of Long Island this season and can the Columbus Blue Jackets factor in this playoff hunt this season.

    Thanks :) and good post in all seriousness.

  2. Jason Garrett is almost as lousy a play caller as Jim Zorn

  3. First of all lets hope your cousin is ok and makes a speedy recovery.

    Had the Lions in a prediction league, so was delighted to see them come away with the win on Sunday. We all know it was about the Jets going to 3-0 though, where's the shout out there Angie huh... :-)

    Congrats to the Red Sox, not really been following baseball too closely since mid August when pretty much all hope the Cubs could make it ended. Officially ended last night although it's been coming for a while.

  4. Big ups to Wade for calling an impressive 2-pt conversion play but I gotta say that same play should've been called before that. Tashard could've sent a text message and still got into the end zone from the 2 yard line. Just think what would've happened at the 1...(which was also worth 4 more pts)

    we got away with it because the panthers played ABISMALLY but that's not gonna happen all the time.

    I don't understand baseball enough to say anything about that lol.

    and 7 laughs for the redskins! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA (But really, big ups to the lions too)

  5. Ben Canada! I got you coming up! Trust, I'm reeeeeally hyped for the season, and I'm gonna do my post on the 1st of course because my Caps are playing their first game! But honestly, I don't care about the Islanders. I won't do a whole separate post on them but that's okay. I know they have fans, and they'll follow their team. lol.

  6. Jason Garrett, ALMOST as bad as Jim Zorn????? I don't think so. I mean, you can't compare the two. Granted, Garrett didn't make the best decisions against the Panthers, but my goodness, not like Jim Zorn lol.

  7. David, thanks first for the wishes. I certainly hoping that this can all clear up.

    Secondly, here we go... HONORARY SHOUT OUT to the NY Jets for being 3-0, and I gotta shout out to the Baltimore Ravens also for being 3-0 (I gotta, so many Ravens friends lol).

    Anyone else wanting a shout out, I'll make a comment regarding it in response LOL!...

    And yes, I feel for the Cubs kind of, and not really. The Cubs had it on lock for a minute early on in the season, but then they lost it in a rapid downward spiral. The Cards definitely took advantage of that, too. So the Cubs have been down and out for a while, but last night was the last twitch per se lol.

  8. LMFAO $.dale!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh man, can I say comment of the day??? He could have sent a text message looool... That's what I was saying about the situation at the 1. Like how you gonna pass up on more points!?

    The Cowboys definitely have gotten away with poor play this year. They thought they could against the Giants, which, despite the loss, was actually one of their better games as a team. Had the Bucs been a more potent team, like the Colts maybe, the Cowboys wouldn't have won that game, or this one against the Panthers. That's got to change before they move on this season and try to (finally) win a playoff game.