Sunday, September 06, 2009

I Actually Had to Go to Hooters!

I doubt that most people went through what I did the past couple weeks to the point where they felt that it was imperative that they went to a bar to watch a game.

As I've mentioned before, I have had no laptop for a couple of weeks because the one I had crashed. As if that already didn't drive me crazy, I also have been running around without any television. And my phone (as usual) was being crappy and really didn't want to work even more in these past few weeks. So not only was my contact with the world limited, but I was unable to even think about much without having watched a game or received game results and sports news fast enough to have a relevant post.

The latter statement was the most pressing issue of my recent days - I haven't watched sports for DAYS, much less the news or Law & Order: SVU in that same period of time. And being the sports fanatic that I am, reading a couple of stories on a few teams and looking for various scores in the newspaper doesn't quite do it for me...

Well, I woke up today not only excited that I have an extra day this weekend to party, sleep late, and procrastinate work, but it was also the actual first day of the college football season! I figured that I'd take advantage of the fact that tonight I had the opportunity to go out for dinner with my friend, Anthony, in China Town in Washington, DC. We got to the Ruby Tuesdays there and I asked the host lady if we could have a seat by a TV. Of course though, my request was denied as there were no seats by TVs and the bar was full (they weren't even showing any games). So I thought whatever and moved on. The purpose of this dinner anyway was to catch up with Anthony about our summer stories.

The night was still young after we finished eating at Ruby Tuesdays, so we decided to walk around China Town a bit and continue to tell stories. While we were deciding in which direction to continue walking, something came over me where, again, I realized that today was the first day of college football, and I exclaimed, "Anthony! Let's go to Hooters! It's down that way!" Heading that direction, we finally reach Hooters and we walk in - it was live! It was really busy, and so many games were on every television in there! And lucky me, we got a table next to the TV.

Alabama vs. Virginia Tech, Oklahoma, USA vs. El Salvador, and probably one more game I couldn't see... I felt like as if I had been in withdrawal, with an overwhelming happiness with all of these games on at once and watching every single one of them. I even ordered wings and coke to fully enjoy my experience! It was totally worth the randomness and walking in my uncomfortable heels all the way down to Hooters just to recapture the feeling of watching sports (and watching television all together). And needless to say, Anthony didn't complain about going to Hooters.

Most probably think I'm nuts for having a desire to go to Hooters to catch some sports (and eat some more because I'm a fat ass). But I don't care - I couldn't go today without having seen one game, whether it was football or futbol (already missed Brazil beat Argentina 3-1 at that point). If you loved sports like I do you'd do whatever it took to watch it too.


I finally have a laptop top now, and I should be getting my television cable soon enough, although I'm still trying to configure the internet for my Mac and it's not going through so successfully. Nonetheless, I should be back to regular action very soon.

Shout out to Anthony - thanks for letting me "drag" you into Hooters to watch games and the night out and also one to our waitress, Nikki... dying about southern mothers, shoes, hair, and haters... only in DC...

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