Tuesday, September 22, 2009

No Penguins for Me

This may be a sports blog, but, mind you, sports sometimes intersects with our outside lives as well...

*I know that over half the population that reads this has been through this at least once in their lives.

So let's say you see that gorgeous man/woman of your dreams. He/she is fine, they dress well, and they've got that swag. You get the guts to go up to him/her and introduce yourself (or whatever you do to strike a conversation). To your surprise, he/she actually acknowledges your presence and they seem to be equally as interested in what you're saying, how you look, etc.

Then suppose you get into sports - you mention you love [insert sport]. Their eyes get big at the mention of your favorite sport, and as the conversation unfolds, you believe that you have found love...

Until you mention that you are (for example) a Washington Capitals fan, and he/she states that they root for the... Pittsburgh Penguins.

For me, the conversation ends right there, unless you're looking to pick a fight with me. I love to discuss hockey, talk about my team, or even take part healthy debate over hockey topics. But sometimes, I am NOT in the mood for a discussion as to why "Sidney Crosby is better than Alex Ovechkin" and "which team is better," especially in this situation.

A. I have already exhausted myself arguing to the death for Alex Ovechkin being a better marketing tool for the NHL and B. I would never want to do this on a date.

As a fan of other sports though, personally, I feel like somethings are passable: As a Cowboys fan, I am open to Eagles fans, Giants fans, and because of my location Redskins fans can be accepted. I mean, it's only twice a year when we are head to head anyway so it can't be that bad.

In baseball, I've even been open to Yankees fans despite my strong disdain for them and being a Red Sox fan.

But best believe, you say the wrong thing in our first meeting and it's over. I mean, it is OVER. No chance. No shot. You lose.

If I hear you're an Eagles fan, I don't want to hear about the last game of last season against the Cowboys all night. We can joke about it for a second, but it better be dropped real quick...

The only sport though I get really touchy about the most though is hockey. You've got to be REALLY attractive to root for the Philadelphia Flyers and hold my hand at games. I can't even think about what it takes to be a Pittsburgh Penguins fan and be around me though. I certainly have some friends that are Penguins fans, but dating is another realm to cover.

I do have a little bit of tolerance, however, in other situations. In the past, a Tampa Bay Lightning fan, named Greg, was an interest. And he was really nice, funny, cute - basically all that is good. His only flaw; he was a Lightning fan. As a Caps fan, I don't know what it is (I do, but that's another post), but ever since the 2003 NHL playoffs, I have hated the Lightning, even though they have been non-contenders for a couple of years.

Nonetheless, I would fight for hours with Greg over whether that goal in the Calgary Flames/Tampa Bay Lightning Stanley Cup Finals in 2005 scored by Marty Gelinas really crossed the line or not - thus, justifying whether the Bolts really deserved the Cup or not.

Me, being the one who hated the Lightning, could have been blinded by hate for the team. But I have always believed that the Flames were cheated out of a Cup, and hated that the Lightning got a championship title before the Caps did. I would obviously claim that the goal should have counted. Greg, being a Lightning fan, argued the contrary.

Now, this relationship was not defined by the two of us cheering for two different teams in the same division, but you can't tell me that it was easy with that factor. Every game is added with extra anxiety, so that you don't have to hear the trash-talking - that's your job, right? And losses suck even more when they're againt your significant other's team.

Luckily though, Greg wasn't a jerk (like I was) about games, and was a rather mild-mannered man. He never called me right after a game that the Caps lost to the Lightning (rare as it was) to brag. We also went hand-in-hand to a Caps/Flyers game last season; both intensley cheering for the Capitals because we despised the Flyers considerably more than each others' teams, respectively.

Which has, in the end, allowed me to give leeway to those who are not a fan of my team, or pledge alleigances to teams that I absolutely can't stand - well, besides the Pittsburgh Penguins.

So it's not necessarily true that I will disreagrd one's presence solely because they are a fan of a rivalry/disliked team. Just make sure that the team you cheer for isn't named after a flightless bird that lives in Antartica and the lower tips of Australia, South America, and Africa.

*Feel free to dispel your experiences with the decision to go through talking to someone who avidly follows your rival team. I know some have got to be funny.


  1. yah, you gotta stay true to your squad

    so bickering with your mate is an unnecessary strain lol

  2. LOL! I can see that being a fan of a rival team as not being loyal to your team. I've heard that argument before.

    But then for those who have a crush on say an athlete on the opposing team; is that as bad as just outright dating a fan of that team? I mean, who's more wrong/less loyal? haha...

    I must admit though that it puts one in a situation where they have significantly increased the difficulty in dating me when they like a rival team... nonetheless it can still happen lol.

  3. Patriots fan.....it aint happening, no way, no how. I can't be out trying to be romantic with a dinner and a romantic walk and then have someone mention Tom Brady and how he as owned the Jets...that happens, I'm putting you in a taxi and sending you home.

    Like this Sunday, I couldn't take a girlfriend to the game and hold her hand with her wearing a Patriots Jersey, wouldn't be comofortable, especially from now on as we are going to own them for the next 10 years with Sanchez lol Can't have her being stroppy with me just because she supports a rubbish team. :-)

    Sorry patriots fans, look somewhere else for a gentlemen lol

  4. LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Priceless!!!!! Yea, I mean, especially when your team recently loses to a rival team, it makes it LESS likely to happen. The year before it was Flyers fans, but clearly, I hate Penguins fans even more all the time lol.

    But the Jets beat the Pats in the first game against each other this year, so I wonder if that makes it more acceptable for you HAHA.

  5. Na, because you know what Patriot fans are like, I'd be over, be making some plans for the week and they would start with all the 'refs were biased' 'you were all cheating' 'you didn't deserve to win'....I'd have to hang up on the great plans and get back in touch with that taxi company. :-)

  6. HAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love that taxi statement! Yeah, that is how Pats fans act. They think they deserve to win every game. As most fans think, but at the same time, Pats fans are really abrasive with it.
    I agree. That date just won't work well lol.

  7. so glad I added this site to my blogroll and follow it