Thursday, September 10, 2009


OK, so I can't even pretend anymore - as much as I basically hate my Thursdays because of my schedule, I MUST be excited for tomorrow's opening NFL games.

Usually, Thursdays are my worst days. Yeah, I may be able to wake up at noon if I wish because I don't have my first class until 2:10pm, but after that, I'm stuck in classes until 8:00pm. My weeks always end up being extremely busy all the way through regardless of what day it is, but Thursday's are NO fun... until tomorrow!

In one of my earlier posts, I expressed excitement at the beginning of the NFL preseason... Yes - the preseason. But now tomorrow is the real deal, the regular season. I feel like a celebration should occur because it just seems like we should actually get the day off... but that's another issue.

I am curious to see how long Brady Quinn is the definite starter for the Browns and if he really is the starter, then how well he does after sitting for a minute. I want to see my Cowboys surprise me and actually have a productive offense without T.O... And I wonder - does that random guy at the AU women's soccer game right? Could the Bills beat the Patriots?

So I figure that maybe, possibly, after my crazy busy day tomorrow, I'll find my crew and hit up somewhere and catch the opening Titans and the Steelers game - hopefully with that guy I went out with on Monday to watch the Miami and Florida St. game. If I'm this excited for NFL season, just wait till October 1st when the Caps play the Bruins on national television...


And on a side note, congrats to Derek Jeter for tying Lou Gehrig's record for the most hits as a Yankee, which he's surely going to surpass. Yea, yea, he's on the Yankees. So I can't give him TOO much congratulations, but it is a great feat nonetheless.

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