Thursday, January 07, 2010

A Lot Going On!

Hello all! It's been a while again, but I'm back!

So I just figured I'd tell you all the things that have been going on that I haven't told you about...

Agent Zero?

Yes, I mean that exactly. No, Gilbert Arenas. You are NOT a secret agent. You are NOT allowed to carry guns into an NBA arena just because you call yourself Agent Zero.

There are plenty of gun carriers of all shapes and sizes around the country. I am pretty sure that they do not choose to take their guns into their workplace - and if they did it in DC, I'm 100% sure that's illegal, being a resident here and all.

We've heard all the excuses. We know. And I still don't think Arenas gets it. Mocking and laughing at the situation doesn't make it go away. So David Stern decided to suspend him because Arenas was "unfit" to play; hence, making him a literal Zero in the eyes of his team and the NBA at this point.

Unfit in my mind means that he is mentally unstable, and needs to go seek some help. The fact that he cannot decipher what's a joke and what's not (also going off of previous pranks he's pulled in the past) is a serious problem, and not only has it become detrimental to his team and the people around him on the court, but his lack of seriousness has gotten him in trouble with the law.

If Arenas was to plead anything in the future in the court of law, real talk, I would advise an insanity defense.

USA Won Gold!

I bet none of you cared, but in the World Juniors Hockey Classic, the final was between the Canadian junior ice hockey team and the US team. John Carlson, a Washington Capitals prospect, pulled the OT game-winner about 4 minutes into the sudden death period to give the USA gold. USA won 6-5 in a wild, wild match.

With the US winning their 2nd gold medal ever in the tournament, in a perfect world, something like this would help to prove that we have homegrown talent here in the States, and then bring on a revival of young American kids playing hockey with the hopes of playing in the NHL - then again, if it were a perfect world that already would have been the case. We'll see what happens from here.

Another note I'd like to make on this was one that I'm probably going to lose a couple of friends. Not all Canadians are peace-advocating people who have no bad intentions, as many Americans like to label them. As Team Canada INVITED the United States into their tournament in Saskatchewan (I spelled that right first try by the way).

I read an article about how the Canadians booed the US team and how the "Hockey Gods" disapproved of such Tomfoolery. The US, in my mind was booed for 2 reasons:

  1. The US has been "at war" for quite some time now. Many people around the world have disagreed with the US decision to go to war since the beginning. Since then, events involving the United States in Canada, some Canadians have booed the American National Anthem, protested US teams, and booed at US victories made on their turf.
  2. The US junior hockey team has been clipping at the heels of Canada's junior team for some years now. The "non-traditional" market of the United States for hockey, I suppose, has given the Canadians some sense of elitism in winning games and who deserves to win the Gold, and in the NHL, the Cup. So in a way, Canada is essentially "hating on" US hockey, who's success seems to be promising.

The result of the booing? Canada loses their shot at winning a gold medal; thus, rewarding the USA with a 2nd golds medal in a decade. It's an interesting look at sportsmanship, and I advise that you check it out.

The Real Punk @$$

So apparently, according to news sources today, the Manny Pacquio and Floyd Mayweather boxing match is OFF. Yes, I said it, it is supposedly NOT HAPPENING.

Now, I am not the biggest boxing fan out there (nothing about boxing in particular, it just doesn't interest me like that ), but I am still fully aware of the implications that this match had on the revival of boxing in the United States. Boxing sure isn't what it used to be back in the '90s or before that, but in a fight with supposedly the best boxer right now in Mayweather and the recent winner of the most recent last big fight in Pacquio, this was supposed to bring boxing back to popularity...

...And now it's off. Supposedly. Now I keep saying "supposedly" because of the tendency of boxers and their people to just talk, and just say things just to say things, but I digress.

It's off because the reluctance of Pacquio to agree to a full drug test, drawing blood before the fight. This requirement to fight, however, was pushed by Floyd Mayweather and his party. Now that Pacquio doesn't want to take this type of test over a more typical urine test, Mayweather is referring to Pacquio as a "punk a**".

My question is: Who is the REAL punk here?

Of course the obvious answer is both of them. But one is clearly more of a punk than the other. The consensus that I have spoken to has stated that Pacquio is the punk. He can't consent to a blood test even with a bajillion dollars on the line. Whether he did it because he was scared or because he was dirty, I don't call that a punk move. If he was dirty, then sure, that dumba**, but hey he's just trying to keep his job. If he was scared, he was honest about it at least.

Mayweather, however, hides behind the "brolic" facade, when probably Mayweather himself wanted an out to the fight. For whatever reason that would be, is beyond me, but nobody just goes around trying to make somebody look like fool unless they had something to hide or if they were trying to "appear" as the tough one. It may fool his followers and fans, but Mayweather doesn't fool me.

National Championship Game

Alabama rises as the BCS Champion over the Texas Longhorns by a final score 37-21. Texas made it close toward the end, getting the score as close as 24-21, but that was all that they could muster before Alabama went in and solidified their victory.

Just to note, Colt McCoy injured his shoulder in the first half, causing him to have to sit out for the rest of his last game of his collegiate career. He returned to the sideline, however, to watch his team and cheer them on. He also handled himself well in the post-game interview, trying very hard not to cry. I don't know how he did it, because I couldn't do it.

The game was quite anti-climactic, I'm not really sure why, but I didn't feel satisfied after watching this game. I'll probably find out why tomorrow.

By the way, doesn't that smile on Nick Saban look like it hurts a little? Just a little...


Alex Ovechkin was named captain of the Washington Capitals earlier this week. He's up for the challenge. Since then the team has won their 2 games under his captaincy and now go on a 3-game road stretch.

And Andre Dawson was selected to the Baseball Hall of Fame. I personally would have wanted Edgar Martinez and Alomar in the HOF, but that's not my decision. Baseball writers do want to keep the HOF pure as ever anyway. So it seems as though they are very stingy with their inductions now. Another year, I suppose.


  1. Mannnnnn that Gilbert Arenas pic you posted is hillarious!!!!! With the Halo outfit and all of that lol!!!! Yeah thats a dumb move on his part, especially since he has been in the DMV area for how many years now?! I mean c'mon now "NO BRAINER". So sad to see a promising player throw his career away possibly for good. SMH

  2. You shoulda included th Chris Paul Shooting Guard song for Gilbert Arenas. And I hate Nick Saban, what a scuzzball dirtbag. If people didnt know already, running a touchdown in while under 2 minutes left and up 10, classless move. You can only wonder how that game would have been had McCoy been playing

  3. Morning,
    I'm going to disagree with you on the US booing - or at least give the perspective of a hockey loving peace-mongering Canadian.
    It is true that many Canadians are against the war in the East, nobody likes seeing the lads come home in body bags and yes we loose our fair share in Afghanistan..but it is relatively out of our minds at hockey games. I don't think the booing stems from politics I think it is just a growing intensity with the sports rivalry. Canada and the US are realy starting up a nice rivalry. It used to be Canada vs. Russia but now that the US is getting better and better - the games themselves have become just fantastic. Although my team lost it was a hell of a tourney and both games against the US were a real treat to watch. The American lads played awesome defense, are fast and composed. They deserved the gold and I can't wait for next year! of the US boys is a Habs draft pick (Kristo) so I was happy to see him do well...

  4. @Styx: LOL! Thank you, I tried to find a somewhat entertaining picture of Gilbert Arenas. It is sad that he went way over the line (I feel like he went over the line before) to the point where it crossed over NBA rules and federal offenses. Now it was extremely difficult to repair his image because I feel like EVERYONE agrees that this was a bad move and there is hardly any room for defense. You are right about his career too.

    @Unplugged856: Haha! I wish I knew a link to that prior to writing this. And yes, Nick Saban isn't the most lovable guy outside of Alabama. It was classless, although I am one who is all about the "dagger". Then again, it is college ball, and it's not QUITE the pros, so I can see where the disagreement on the touchdown comes from. I do wish McCoy played, because I feel like he was one of the players people tuned in to watch. And it is a sad thing that he couldn't play his FINAL college game. I'm with you on that.

    @Bruce: I've heard both sides to be honest. I was actually referring to general Canadian booing of the USA, like the Canadiens did that one game a few years back. Some of the folks I know have said people do it because they disagree with American policies, while others do it because of the rivalry.
    I do think it is more because of the rivalry though, I will agree with that. It is DEFINITELY fun to watch these games (even though I have to dig on my laptop for a good link since they could care less here unfortunately). I appreciate the respect though from a Canadian. Glad we can shake hands on the game. lol.