Friday, January 01, 2010

From SportsZone - "10 Years, 10 Games: The Very Best of the 2000s"

Hello all! I apologize for the hiatus. It was the end of the semester, and one would figure I would be writing every day. However, before I knew it, I was traveling to Orlando, Florida, so I was nowhere near a computer most of the time, and if I was, I still had no time to post anything. I was on.... how do you say; vacation.

Then I came back home yesterday, and of course after an early morning flight and early morning wake ups in the past 3 days, I slept.

Nonetheless, happy New Year! It's 2010; not only another year, but another decade! As we enter into a new decade of sports moments, we can't move on without revisiting the previous decade's moments from 2000 to 2009.

After hearing from a good friend of mine, Dan King, that he wrote a whole write-up on the decade's top games and moments, of course I took a look at it. Trust me, it's a great piece of nostalgia, and I would like to direct my readers to his sports blog, SportsZone (link posted under this section).

If you have comments about the post, the past decade in sports, or anything else related, feel free to put them on this page, or comment on Dan's blog as well.

Hope you enjoy the read!


What do I have to say you ask?

Well of course, I'm going to give you a couple MY favorite moments:

1.) Of course being a part of Red Sox Nation, very little in life as a whole can beat the 2004 World Series. Not only was it the World Series championship that broke an 86-year drought without winning it all (with many bumps and bruises and close seasons throughout the 86 years), but what tops beating the New York Yankees to get to the World Series.

Then, on top of beating the Yankees, the fashion that they did made it even more special. Boston decided to play, starting in Game 4. They ultimately came back from 3-0, becoming the first team in MLB history to come back from being down 3 games to none to win a playoff series.

I can't even go into detail to describe every game to state why this was the most awesome thing that could happen just to beat the Yankees alone from the "Bloody Sock game", to the wild comebacks, to scoring on Mariano Rivera. To finalize the magic though, the Red Sox went on to sweep the St. Louis Cardinals - a gift from the Big Man.

Yes. I cried. LOL.... I sat down in my room watching the final Game 4 of the World Series, called my best friend, and we were trying to make a case not to go to school the next day. I think we did the same after the Yankees series, too...

... The 2007 World Series was also a great moment for me. Honestly, it is not anywhere near the 2004 World Series, as some would agree, but it certainly is a joy to watch your team win a championship. Not only did the Red Sox win 1 World Series, but they won 2 in 3 years after going almost a century without any.

2.) The same year, I would also have to put the Washington Capitals drafting Alexander Ovechkin on the list of decade moments. It wasn't a game, but it did quite some wonders for an NHL franchise and a league that were suffering. The Red Sox winning is self-explanatory. This requires a little more explanation.

Prior to Ovechkin's drafting, I was never too pleased with the job Washington Capitals' general manager George McPhee did in Washington. I actually halfway feared that McPhee would want to trade the 1st round draft pick for some star player or pick the #2 pick that year, Evgeni Malkin. I wasn't the only one with that concern either.

Now don't get me wrong, I watched videos of the two before they were drafted multiple times, then being a member of the Washington Capitals' message boards crew. I defintiely thought that Malkin was amazing and he was very talented. But clearly, Ovechkin had something different that defined him as the #1 draft pick in the 2004 NHL Draft.

Lo and behold, the Capitals selected Alex Ovechkin! I was at a draft party at Dave and Busters that year (got a poster signed by the Secretary of Defense aka Rod Langway, Yvon Labre, Joe Reekie and Craig Laughlin there too) and the Caps fans there just went wild!

This draft pick would put the Caps on the NHL map. At first, it was because we had one of the most explosive players in the league (after all, this was noted his first year as Ovie was the Calder Trophy winner aka Rookie of the Year), but soon we received media attention, giving us a look at a more charismatic Ovechkin. His marketable skill, talent, and personality really gave the Capitals a chance to finally be shown on national showcases.

Also fueled by the media-created rivalry between Ovechkin and the next year's #1 pick, Sidney Crosby, and the already existing team rivalry between the Washington Capitals and the Pittsburgh Penguins, the NHL as a whole gained new life and new viewers, showing a more exciting side to hockey.

If the NHL takes notice of the fans' love of Alex Ovechkin, and makes him a more forefront face of the League, the NHL might have a chance to gain major popularity in the United States. Of course, a couple more things might need to happen before that, but Ovechkin's drafting will be a major factor in the NHL's success, if he continues his own success.

These are just a couple favorites, but if you want to know more, feel free to ask!


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