Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Next Live Chat Coming Soon!

(for those who missed out pucking with me last night). I hosted a live chat last night for the Washington Capitals vs. Montreal Canadiens game for I just wanted to thank all those who joined in and talked hockey and watched the Caps lose 3-2 in the shootout with me.

Even more, thanks to Hulk Hogan (I kid you not, someone signed in and gave a Hulkster impersonation all night. Was quite humourous), who referred to Brian Gionta, who had 2 goals and the shootout winner for the Habs, as Hornswoggle. If you do not know who Hornswoggle is, you can look him up and it will make all the sense in the world. If you do, fellow wrestling fans, laugh on.

I certainly want to do another live chat soon. Monday, March 7th when the Caps face the Tampa Bay Lightning on the road is one date I have in mind. Wednesday, March 16th when the Detroit Red Wings host the Caps, is another time I'd like to host a chat. If the selected dates go well enough, I would consider making them more frequent and pretty regularly.

Hell, I'm not opposed to hosting live chats featuring other games either, as I realize that not everyone is a Caps fan, and I love watching other games, too. So if there are any recommendations for a game you would like me to host a chat for, feel free to comment on here, or find me on Twitter (@LadyHatTrick). I'll puck with any team out there.

Also, if you are interested in being a guest-poster, please email me at

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