Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Jeff Schultz re-signed

" If Schultz deal is as reported #Caps would have about $10.8 million left to sign Fehr and Fleischmann and then fill the last 3 roster spots."
@Bmcnally14 - Twitter around noon today

Today the Caps re-signed Jeff Schultz for a 4-year deal for up to $3 million. With this piece of information aforementioned, it seems there probably is a plan in place to make some kind of move to obtain players for the Caps.

As mentioned before, Schultz has slight potential to be a solid guy on the team. A four-year signing would say Washington would say the same. I still think that Schultz's numbers were inflated because of the entire team's performance early in the year. However, I will give him full credit for 129 blocked shots, which is more of an effort from him to do so than a lot of other defensemen on the Caps (129 blocked shots is pretty below average for what the Caps could be doing in that department). Maybe that stat will go up this year.

Once the Caps accomplish re-signing Flash and Fehr then, there is room for a cheap outsider, or two reeeeeally cheap outsiders. I sure hope whomever the Caps get is quality and will be a difference-maker and not a random Joe-Coschmo... Speaking of which, Joe Corvo signed back with the Carolina Hurricanes for $4.5 million today. I didn't want him back anyway.

I can just see this method of signing though being like waiting to get a new game console or a phone. You see the console or phone, and you think it's cool, and you'd love to have it, except you know that paycheck is for other things like groceries or your girlfriend (t-he-he). So you have to wait for the price people pay to go down, and then once it's at your liking, you go get it. It is in hope, however, that by the time the price goes down a bit, the product doesn't suck or have issues because the better ones are gone already... I digress...

So two moves in two days, we will continue on with this saga of WTF Caps. Until later... or until Ilya Kovalchuk signs with someone... *turns television to ESPN 10 to watch hour long announcement of where he will play - in Russian*

*Evgeni Nabokov signed in the KHL btw. Sorry teams that need a goalie. He probably is on the downside anyway.


  1. First of all, let me just say I'm a huge fan of your writing. You are awesome.

    Which is why I'm confused. Schultz has "slight potential to be a solid guy?" You're too smart for that LadyHatTrick.

  2. Let me re-phrase that - I'd say Schultz is 100%, no question, most certainly a solid guy right now and has been for some time and has slight potential to become one of the best D in the league.


    I like how you set that one up...

    Now let's get something straight here. I said, "SLIGHT". Do NOT mistake that with being good. I'm not Bleacher Report, who reported the Caps signed "Top Defenseman".

    Jeff Schultz has his shortcomings. But I'm going to say that with new defensive pairings and with an understanding of what he needs to fix i.e. not being a traffic cone, he can become a staple with the team. NOT a top guy, not anything like that. Not anywhere near Norris winner. But I think he can be a pretty normal guy who just does his job. Not everyone makes a difference as fast as Mike Green. Let's not forget.

  4. Mind you, I also stated his faults in my previous post too.

  5. What if I told you Schultz is really good? What if I told you that he's proven to be a top-four D by virtually any standard and is one of the best young D in the league?

  6. Huh? LOL. He's not! He's just so not! We watch the same guy, do we? I don't want to be too much against the guy because let's not forget, defensemen in the league are slower to develop than forwards and he's still hella young. But he's not there, and I hardly think he'll be a guy worth being thirsty over.