Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Webisode #72 - Real Talk on Sports w/Jay Scott 4/13/2010

Well hello there everyone! The NHL playoffs begin tonight, April 14 and I expect all of you to watch the games tonight. The Capitals start tomorrow against the Montreal Canadiens. It should be fun to experience this historic run for the Stanley Cup for the Washington Capitals.

Before you commence your playoff rituals for your teams though, do check out my appearance on Jay Scott's Real Talk on Sports radio show, talking about the NHL playoffs, making predictions, and giving you reasons why the NHL playoffs are so exciting. It's all here --> Webisode #72 - Real Talk on Sports w/Jay Scott 4/13/2010... for those of you who are part of BGLOs, Jay is a man of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc., so support him and listen!

For a full account of my picks throughout the playoffs, let's go with this:

Round 1
1 Washington Capitals over 8 Montreal Canadiens in 4 or 5 games
2 New Jersey Devils over 7 Philadelphia Flyers in 6 games
3 Buffalo Sabres over 6 Boston Bruins in 5 or 6 games
5 Ottawa Senators over 4 Pittsburgh Penguins in 6 games

Round 2
1 Washington Capitals over 5 Ottawa Senators in 6 games
2 New Jersey Devils over 3 Buffalo Sabres in 6 games

Round 3
1Washington Capitals over 2 New Jersey Devils in 5 or 6 games

Round 1
1 San Jose Sharks over 8 Colorado Avalanche in 5 or 6 games
2 Chicago Blackhawks over 7 Nashville Predators in 6 games
3 Vancouver Canucks over 6 Los Angeles Kings in 5 games
4 Phoenix Coyotes over 5 Detroit Red Wings in 6 games

Round 2
4 Phoenix Coyotes over 1 San Jose Sharks in 5 or 6 games
2 Chicago Blackhawks over Vancouver Canucks in 6 or 7 games

Round 3
2 Chicago Blackhawks over 3 Vancouver Canucks 6 or 7 games

1 Washington Capitals over 2 Chicago Blackhawks in 6 games

If you have questions as to why I took this route to see the Capitals in the Finals, PUT IT IN THE COMMENTS SECTION! I'll be more than happy to read your comments/questions/criticisms and foster some discussion on the topic. Enjoy the read and hope you enjoyed listening to Jay's show!

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