Saturday, February 20, 2010

Just for Fun - Which One?

So I figured since I'm all busy with re-designing Crashing the Net, writing heavily for The Hockey Writers, and mid-terms at American, I would still try to do little things on here to keep you all looking.

I came across this site on Twitter called (I love the subtleties). Every few days or so it has a few hilarious hockey-related designs that you can put on a shirt or a hoodie. Even though I think the hoodies are a little pricey, their t-shirts are pretty nice from $16-$18.

When I checked out the designs, I really liked two of them. However, I don't really feel like buying both of them, at least at the same time - college student budget - so I want to know which one I should get...

This first one is of the amazing Alex Ovechkin. I don't know how many people would really get it, but it sure made me chuckle:

Then, there was this one. I thought, now THIS is MAD hilarious! But I wouldn't know what to do if they started winning again and won a Cup like next year. Nonetheless, I'm still a fan of this shirt. There's also the possibility of getting it in red. What do you think?

I'd love to know what you all think. It doesn't matter whether you're a hockey fan or not, although I would hope your feedback does keep the mind of a hockey fan in perspective.

Feel free to check out the website for yourself as well, or to tell me of an entirely different design that you think I should get.

You are also more than welcome to check out the new piece I wrote about the increased number of complaints toward NBC's coverage of the Olympic hockey tournament and Mike Milbury's anti-Ovechkin commentary at

Enjoy and thanks for the feedback on my clothing decision!


  1. a lil Yakov Smirnov reference for the Geat 8


    how about them Caps?

  2. Yea! How 'bout em? It's been an interesting season seeing the Caps play so well. Right before the break put a little bitter taste in my mouth, but I know overall the team is fine. Just need a couple of pieces.

    Thanks for the feedback as well. Good to know you got the reference lol.