Friday, November 13, 2009

Hard at work...

Hey yall! Hope you've been loving the blog so far.

I'm going to be working on one big project for the next month, so my posts will be fewer than usual in the coming weeks. But not to worry! Definitely catch up on older posts you never read, or re-read a favorite or two.

This project is going to be big, as it is partially for a class, but I'm doing more work than needed as I really want to know the answers to the questions I'm asking, and I'm making it a bigger story to expand upon outside of the class...

... What was that?

No!!!!! I can't tell you what the project is! It's a surprise! Because when it's all finished, it's most likely going to show up on here as one huge post that I'm going to want you to read and pass along to everyone that you know.

What I CAN tell you though is that it's going to be interesting, and even though you may have heard of the issue, or have thought about it, it's much more complex that one may think it is, and it's going to be from a perspective that is not heard often.

So all I can say is to be patient with me. If I have the time to post periodically, then I will. But my focus will be in this assignment.

Ha! Now I got you all excited for my big project! Well, stay close and you'll get to read it soon. Trust me.



  1. Your doing a great job keep it up! Can't wait for the future posts. You should write about all these athletes having these domestic problems. For example; Jason Kidd, Brandon Marshall, Chris Henry, Shaq, etc..... I mean it seems like they are living soap operas outside their athletic careers. What drives them to do these things when they are so "well off".

  2. Thank you! I really appreciate the encouragement.

    I would do a piece on things like that, but I'm not very motivated to do a specific post on athlete's personal lives. As you could tell from my Tiger Woods statement from the one before "Hockey in the Hood", I don't really enjoy talking about athletes outside of what they do.

    Also, many rich people who do so well have many domestic problems. Singers, actors always divorcing... I think it's an entertainment issue than a sports issue, and I try very hard not to cross that line of sports and entertainment.

    But I hope there are other more sports related issues you'd like me to talk about. If you have something, definitely bring it up to me and I will consider it.


  3. Please talk about this whole comparison issue I have with people saying that Kobe and Lebron could be the next MJ! I think this is crazy!!! They all have different playing styles!

  4. That I could talk about... I'm gonna need to develop my side of the argument.
    I think that Kobe is closer to what MJ and that elite group of untouchable NBA players than Lebron. LEBRON HASN'T DONE JACK!
    Lebron reminds me of Sidney Crosby (even Crosby - as much as it pains me to say - has done more than Bron). He's the guy that has been crowned to be the next one. The closest to MJ. All that stuff... but there are about 10 guys better than he is. Aside that, the Cavs have gone nowhere.

    Kobe however I think can be compared. If you really think about it, every great player in the NBA and in a lot of sports have different styles. It is difficult, I agree, to compare players from today to those from about 10 years ago for various reasons.

    So I partically agree with you, and I like that idea - a lot. I added a guestbook app on the front page of the blog. There, suggestions will be accepted and such. But I like this one.